Making Love with Your Food



A chef is not a great chef because they trying to please a customer. A chef is great because they have an intimate relationship with food and know how to make others fall in love with it.

A chef does not bring the same perfected dish to every potluck.

The badge they earned yesterday is already gone.

A chef treats a potluck or family dinner like an open mic night, practicing new material.; A breeding ground for mishaps and mistakes.  The performance comes at their next dinner party.

Anyone who is great at anything has to have a playground, where they test, explore, and figure out what feels right for them. Tweak, chop, re-measure, burn, fry, create.

Chefs are visionaries, they have the taste and feel in their mind.

Their job is not to create food for you.

My tongue is not your tongue.

My heads aren’t thinking of what they would do if they were someone else. How could I make a soup that doesn’t taste good to me, but only tastes good for you? It’s impossible. Sometimes there are happy accidents where you make something that you hate, but fortunately someone else’s tastes align with it. A fortunate mistake, but not the finish line.

The chef knows what they are aiming for, and know when they miss it.

True genuine satisfaction for them comes when they pull it off. When they make the dream in their head become an experience that excites the senses.


Food that is sexy. Food should make you want to touch yourself.  After stirring for 5 minutes, and the chocolate sauce finally comes together without any small lumps or bumps, it is so smooth you could rub it all over your face without even thinking about why. That is what its all about.

As the flavors mix on your tongue, you should want to mmmm and ahhh, and moan with affection and desire for the beauty of the tastes that were created.

Think about how insanely impossible these flavor would have been to combine 200 years ago. We have the ability to play with food more than we ever have, I am certain, in all of human existence. It’s a miracle to our senses that this is abundantly available. We should honor the experience of food.

We should make food that lightens up our chakras and makes us feel electric. Don’t be afraid to make love with your food. To test and share flops in order to get to what moment of bliss.  Don’t be afraid to say, I didn’t nail it, but I’m excited to keep working at it.

It’s important!  Who would argue with wanting to bring pleasure to yourself and others around you. You are a magician. You are creating delight to share with the world. Just as a dancer or singer or any artist spends years working their way to a place where they are truly seen by the world.

Chefs have a relationship with food.  They nurture it, try better to understand it, notice a difference when they are impatient.

Whatever you create, find your playground, find your stage, and get to it.