Singing Bowl Chef is a holistic chef service that responds to the need for convenient food with options that fuel healthy diets, social mindfulness, and environmental consciousness. We currently offer personal chef meal preparation & planning services, on-farm chef services, and farm-to-table community meals.  

We believe in meals that are nutrient dense and well balanced; high in protein, fiber, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals.  Our goal is to purchase 75% of our food from either local, organic, or sustainable producers as well as purchasing 60% of our food with-in 70 miles from Madison .  We believe in supporting grass-fed, pastured & ethically raised animals.  We also respond to our communities needs by honoring special diet requests for gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegetarian, and vegan meals.

We want to create a new normal for diets and food standards. Help us change our food system and put an end to dietary diseases and environmental degradation caused by modern agriculture. 

What is a singing bowl?

I chose the name singing bowl to remind us to be mindful with our food.  I see food as a holistic endeavor between the people who grow our food, the earth that provides the nutrients and the bodies that are fueled by it. When you become attuned to the brilliance of this relationship, it will vibrate through you like the hum of a singing bowl.


A Wisconsin native, I grew up in rural town with the typical meat + potato diet. While working culinary jobs to get through college, where I studied environmental science, I saw a clear path in local foods to marry my passion for cooking with my knowledge of how to source responsibly to live lightly on the land. I founded and served on the steering committee for the Oshkosh Food Cooperative, worked on various local & sustainable farms, and managed a local food distribution center before moving to Madison where I worked with Chef Tory Miller as a pastry chef at L’etoile.   

I believe that food can heal.  Growing food mindfully can heal the land and our bodies. We use food as a social vehicle constantly, when we are intentional with our meals, we heal our emotions as well.