Singing Bowl Chef’s mission is to provide healthful & flavorful meals directly to the consumer. I define healthful as meals that are nutrient dense and well balanced; high in protein, fiber, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals. I do this by purchasing whole & unprocessed foods to make everything from scratch. I also seek to support the local economy and make decisions that are environmentally conscious. I do this by buying foods from local & sustainable farmers as often as I can and working with grass-fed, pastured & ethically raised animals. All of the meals created for my 357 Weekly Meal Plans are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free in response to the public’s concern with their health risks.

We live in a time when people want food to be convenient but they are also becoming aware of the unsustainable ways that our predecessors built our food system.  Highly processed foods, poor soil quality, industrial farming, and many other factors have resulted in a large population of unhealthy citizens and increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, autism, childhood diabetes, etc and many damaging effects on the environment. I want to offer healthy alternatives to convenient food that will build a solid foundation to fuel a healthier society, and more connected community.

What is a singing bowl?

I chose the name singing bowl because for me, cooking can be a meditative and creative outlet.  I see food as a holistic endeavor between the people who grow our food, the earth that provides the nutrients and the recipients of the meal. When you become attuned to the brilliance of this relationship, it will vibrate through you just as the hum of the singing bowl sends out physical vibrations.