United Family Dinners

Welcome to our sacred potluck!

Join seminarians and community members for an experimental ritual potluck that bridges spiritual community across divides to create abundance in our multicultural world. UFD centers food sovereignty to encourage holistic relational healing and deep connection that is needed to transform society


United Family Dinners is hosted at United Theological Seminary, a religiously plural seminary that values interreligious dialogue with roots in the United Church of Christ. Our dinners seek to be a sacred space that recognizes the diversity while finding ways for our multicultural communities to gather around a common value, a practice of social transformation. We have guests that identity as religious naturalists, christians, non-theists, agnostics, wiccans, mystics, spiritually fluid, buddhists, catholics, religious nones, etc. No matter what your name for sacredness is, we’d love to share a meal with you.

We invite guests to bring dishes that are in right relationship with the Earth, as much as they are able. We invite you to think about what your dish has to say about care for the Earth, or land stewardship. We have rotating co-hosts who offer thanksgiving from various places of gratitude, illuminating our myriad of spiritual locations. We hope this gathering is welcoming and accessible for all who attend. We welcome your feedback on how to improve the experience. We root ourselves in the sacred role that food and particularly potlucks can play in facilitating cultural sharing, community nourishment, shared joy and mutual support. This project is an ongoing experiment of United students.

Please contact Bridgette if you would like to join our planning team. We could use the help. Bridgette.weber@unitedseminary.edu

When: Sundays from 5-6:30pm (Doors open at 5:45pm) while classes are in session. This term goes from September 17 – December 3.
Where: United Theological Seminary, Kitchen
767 Eustis St. #140
St. Paul, MN 55114
Who: The United extended community including United students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends and their invited guests, family, neighbors, etc.

Fill out the contact form to get on our email list. We use this to send a weekly reminder and promote special events.

What to Bring

A dish or beverage to share, potluck style, and whoever you are that day . If it’s a week where you aren’t able to bring food or drink, please still attend if you are wanting to or needing to. We practice giving and receiving gifts of abundance in community. You can also contribute by helping with clean up or leading the thanksgiving if you would like. Yourself and your presence is already a huge gift and is enough.


~Plates, cups, and silverware are provided.  We also have tongs, ladles and serving spoons.

~If you know what you plan to bring ahead of time, let us all know here: Potluck Food Sign-Up This is optional.

~We have allergy cards available by each dish. Please know if your dish contains wheat, gluten, soy, cinnamon, peppers, meat, dairy, nuts, etc. If you have a severe allergy, let us know and we will communicate that to the group.

~The only alcoholic beverages permitted are wine and beer. We expect those engaging to maintain a value of respect and safety to themselves and other guests.

Parking and Door Information:

United is at the intersection of N Eustis and Franklin Ave in St. Paul. The front door and lot are off of Franklin Ave. The gate should be open, and it is ok if you do not have a parking permit. [A parking map is included below]

Only the North doors will be open. If you park in the back, take the side walk on the West side of the building to the front doors.

If you need any assistance please call Bridgette at (920)509-1919

We look forward to sharing this time with you!