Local Foods Personal Chef

I specialize in creating meals that support our local food economy and your highest health!


I am a local foods personal chef and theologian. For me, being a chef is a way I express my spiritual practice of land stewardship and a theology of Oneness with All. I create meals based on the local and seasonal food landscape, prioritizing farmers and producers who have the interest of our ecosystems at heart. I believe in an ethic of food sovereignty which I see as a deep act of love and respect for the sanctity of all life. 

“Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.” La Via Campesina (It’s dense but important!)

I prioritize supporting regenerative methods of agriculture and farmers of color, lgbtq+ farmers, small scale farmers and artisans. I strive to respect Indigenous knowledge and look to Indigenous leadership to teach me about what it means to love this land.

Learn more about me here. 


  • Each week I shop at local farmers’ markets and design menus and recipes based on what is available and fresh. If you have a CSA share I could also use what is in your box. 
  • All meals are created in your home, using your equipment. Cooking in someone’s home bypasses the need to rent an official culinary kitchen.
  • Ideally, I work once per week, for about 4-5 hours.
  • Meals are stored as ‘leftovers’ in your fridge with instructions for re-heating.
  • 2 days before market day, I create a draft menu for your meals and get your approval. I will then shop at the market, and bring all the ingredients to your home on our designated prep day. Mondays are the best day.
  • You’ll pay me for my time plus the cost of food. We decide together on a fixed rate for my time and labor and then add whatever the weekly cost of food is. You set the food budget limit for purchasing.

Currently Not Seeking Clients — Open to Meal Plan Consulting and Cooking Lessons

 Pricing: $25/hour at 10 hours/week = $250 + the cost of food.  What is included in this package:

10 Hours/Week of  Menu Creation, Farmers’ Market Shopping, Recipe Creation,  Reheating Instructions, Meal Preparation, and Consulting. 

  • 5 hours of in-home meal preparation and clean up. 3 recipes, 3-4 servings each.
  • 10 fully prepared meals ready to eat throughout your week. The idea is that you would have lunch or dinner already made, and you just have to take care of breakfast.
  • 1 hour shopping at the local farmer’s market.
  • 2 hours of menu and recipe creation based on what is in season and fresh.
  • About 1 hour of travel time per week.
  • Menus and recipes are yours to keep.
  • 1, 30-minute consulting conversation per month to deepen your connection to local foods.

Try a local foods personal chef for 2 weeks before negotiating a commitment!  Contact me today.