Pricing for Personal Chef Services 

Pricing for meals in terms of 4 or 8 servings. Meals are generally prepared in bulk for your week, or can be frozen. 4 servings is smallest serving size available.  All meals include sides. *choose between 2 snacks, breakfast items, lunch entrees, or baby food prep to take the place of a meal

A = 4 servings  B = 8 servings

I DO THE SHOPPING:                                           YOU DO THE SHOPPING:

2 meals:  A. $150   B.  $180                                        2 meals: A. $125     B. $155

3 meals:  A. $210    B.   $250                                      3 meals: A. $185    B. $225

4 meals: A. $300     B.   $350                                       4 meals: A. $270   B. $320

5 meals: A. $350     B.    $400                                     5 meals: A. $300   B. $350

*Does not include the price of food.

For best quality food, purchase food from a local farmer.  Here are some resources for shopping at a Farmer’s Market or Joining a CSA.

Crossroads Community Farm 

Dane County Farmer’s Market

Hilldale Farmers’ Market

Featured CSA: Squashington Farm

“Food is the reason we farm. We love it. Growing it, eating it, and giving it to those we love. It’s an incredible job to have, being a farmer. No bosses, no rigid schedule, no cubicles. Farming allows us to get outside everyday, use our minds critically and creatively, and gives us freedom to do what we want, and how we want to do it. We literally reap what we sow. Our motivation yields bounty, while our short-comings equal loss. It is the definition of a learning process, and every year we learn more and more. We hope to always grow food for ourselves, our friends and family, and our community.” -Pat and Sarah. Farmers of Squashington Farm