Officiant and Gathering Artist

From marriage ceremonies to coming of age rituals, allow me to design and officiate your next important day. I wish to honor the meaningful moments in your life, or precious moments in the history of your community or your family.

I am currently attending United Theological Seminary in Saint Paul, MN in pursuit of my Master of Divinity in Social Transformation seeking ordination with the Universal Unitarian Church. I believe that all sacred texts and religious traditions have beauty to share with others.

*I am currently ordained through the Universal Life Church to perform legal ceremonies.

I am passionate about honoring the important moments, achievements, and changes that occur throughout all of our lives. I want to re-village the world by offering custom ceremonies, rituals, and gatherings that encourage us to support our community in ways that allow us to feel supported and empowered. We are allowed to get creative in order to meet our needs!

My ceremonies center around the belief that it takes a village to raise a child, and that villages are needed throughout our entire lives. Whether you belong to a church or spiritual community or not, you deserve to celebrate and grieve with a community of others.

Contact me for a free 60 minute consultation to learn more about how we can work together.

Spiritual Roots

I was raised Catholic and am confirmed into the Catholic faith. I have also explored and been interested in learning about many of the world religions and spiritual practices. I have studied Yoga (200 hour training with Breath for Change), I have been a member of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement that started in Sri Lanka, influenced by Gandhian and Buddhist philosophy in their community development. In seminary I am predominantly studying the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, and am taking classes on contemporary Paganism, world religions, and comparative religious ethics. I am seeking membership with a Unitarian Universalist church in St. Paul, MN, territory of the Dakota people. I am very drawn to earth based spiritual practice and have been taught by Veronica Ramirez the art of Earth mandala altar making, which I have shared with my communities as well.

What it can look like:

  1. A grief tending ceremony. A gathering of familiar people or strangers to practice acknowledging grief through collective tears, music, meditation, and community.
  2. Youth coming of age gathering. Perhaps a ceremony for your daughter when she gets her period. Or a ceremony for your son to symbolize him becoming a man.
  3. An intimate ritual on your sober holiday.
  4. A marriage or love ceremony.
  5. A funeral to honor a loved one in the way they or your family wishes.
  6. A gathering with your friends to have fun and feel alive.
  7. A baby blessing or baptism.
  8. Build an earth mandala with your community, at a party, or as part of a ceremonial act.