Ritual Artist and Officiant

Together we can create rituals that turn our dreams into new worlds and realities. Rituals, ceremonies, and traditions remind us who we are and what we wish to protect. From traditional marriage ceremonies to modern solstice gatherings, it is possible to create deep meaning through all that has shaped us.

I see ritual as a cupping, two hands held together, capable of grasping the beauty and tragedy of our human experience. Rituals allow us to bear witness to the utter holiness in our cycles of life, death, and resurrection.

Let’s design something together that feels meaningful and memorable to you!

I’m a current seminary graduate student at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities where I’m pursuing an MDiv in Interreligious Chaplaincy and MAL in Social Transformation.

I am ordained through the Universal Life Church to perform legal marriage ceremonies.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to discover how we could work together.

Spiritual Roots and Location

I consider myself a modern Catholic Mystic called to radical priesthood, I identify as queer, poly, and nonbinary. My childhood was shaped by Roman Catholic traditions and education, and after 18 years of exploring other paths, I’ve learned to accepted my call to my Catholic lineage, and it feels so right. I’ve also been greatly shaped by Yoga training and the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka rooted in Buddhist and Gandhian philosophy.

Unearthing the Witch within me is also an essential part of my story. I am passionately called to help usher in the reclamation of the feminine divine in our world and support the balance of healthy femininities and masculinities. I know the emerging change in white culture will need to be erotic, somatic, pluralistic, communal, and actually reverent to Earth. I seek wise council in Indigenous elders and their worldviews that tended these lands for thousands of years.

Ceremonies or Rituals You May Consider Me For:

  1. A marriage or celebration of love.
  2. A blessing for expectant mothers/persons giving birth.
  3. A baptism or cleansing ceremony.
  4. Community Earth Mandalas!
  5. Grief tending.