Since Bridgette has come in to our lives…specifically our kitchen, the stress of weekly meal planning and preparation has melted away like hollandaise sauce on a filet mignon.  As busy professionals with grown kids, it is very easy to fill our week nights with the best restaurants in Madison, and who could blame us?  Often working late, attending after hours functions or simply a lack of desire to cook led us to a service like this.  While we both can cook, the effort needed to prepare healthy meals often is greater than the time allows.  We both are seeking to eat much healthier and know that time and meal creativity are important.  Bridget’s creativity and her deep knowledge of how to incorporate healthy ingredients (even when we have no idea what they are!) into tasty meals makes the weekly menus fun to read.  The variety and themes of the meals is also a joy.  The weekly grocery lists help quite a bit too…it has allowed us to strategically shop given the time constraints we have.  Lastly, the meal portions are as you like them and we have them set so we can have enough to bring to work for lunch.  This have saved us money as well.    Try this out and you will see just how it changes how you approach your week.  It really does relieve some of the stress of daily life.  Bon Appetite!

Becky and Don