Triple Moon Retreat 2020


2020 Theme: Our Beauty With-In, Tickets Available Now. 



Triple Moon Retreat is a restorative wellness retreat for people who are interested in celebrating and/or honoring their womanhood.  We believe that magic is created when all types of women+ show up together and connect through the fullness of where they are.   There is so much to celebrate about being a woman+, and there are also many ways womanhood has been painful in our culture.  Triple Moon Retreat’s mission is to empower women of all kinds to freely express their divine + human spirit.  We hope to embody this through creative expression, sharing our experiences (of collective triumph and collective pain), and practicing self-care (movement/meditation/nutrition).  Author D.J. Conway writes that the triple moon symbol stands for unity, cooperation, and participation with all creation.  We believe that through honoring ourselves, we can live out this unity with all.

Triple Moon Goddess Retreat takes social justice and compassion very seriously.  We are dedicated to taking a trauma informed lens and commit to being life-long learners of diversity and inclusion.  Our hope is to co-create a space where people of a diverse range of ages, races, backgrounds, styles, abilities and personalities feel welcome and safe here.  Come as you are, and participate in whatever way you need.  Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions.  xoxo

Click here to read about the origin of the triple moon goddess symbol 

Interested in creating a wellness space for women that is intentionally anti-racist, gender inclusive, and just inclusive overall? Join our diversity + inclusion committee.  Encouraging voices from marginalized communities to respond.  Please contact for more information. Thank you.

Meet your facilitators and hosts!

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bridge & rebecca 2

Bridgette and Rebecca, Co-Hosts,  Triple Moon Goddess Retreat


Bridgette w sand

Bridgette Weber, Creator/Host/Facilitator

Bridgette is a creative spirit and empathetic friend.  She believes in the power of community and has a personal love for play & spirituality.  Bridgette currently works as the Volunteer Coordinator/Clothing Center Supervisor for Community Action Coalition for South Central WI, and is the coordinator of the Community Mandala Project for Sarvodaya USA, two organizations working towards equity for vulnerable populations. Bridgette graduated with a BS in Environmental Science and recently completed her certification as a yoga teacher.  She spent the last decade working in culinary arts, non-profit development, and community organizing.  In her spare time Bridgette watches a lot of comedy, and dances to r&b in her room.

Rebecca in the garden

Rebecca Bloedorn, Co-host, Writing Workshop Facilitator

Long ago, Rebecca was asked a question that changed her: What do you like better, the moment or the memory?  In the space between this question and it’s not-so-simple answer were cliff ledges, campfires, and plane tickets.  Pen and paper became her greatest companions through all the phases, states, continents, discomfort and successes.  Her personal evolution and revolution sparked a strong relationship with pen and paper (or napkins, paper bags,skin).  Rebecca is a Montessori teacher, a mother, a writer, hiker.  She loves community, food and laughter.  Rebecca has written for Cream Magazine in Zurich, Switzerland, Mudpie Mamas, the Love Wisconsin Project and the Isthmus.

Andrea Headshot

Andrea Smith-Holmgreen, Photographer/Artist & Featured Workshop Facilitator

I’m Andrea, and I am my happiest and truest self when making and creating; sparking ideas and seeing them come to fruition is what gives me life. Since I was a child, I’ve loved art and fashion and have been tinkering, crafting, and making art ever since. Today, while still a kid at heart, I am a mother, art instructor, and entrepreneur several times over. If it’s a creative endeavor, I’m all over it, and am resolved to only do work that makes me happy. I am just as inspired by the beautiful and ethereal, as I am by the ugly and the strange. Art, photography, style, self-expression through makeup and clothes, jewelry, adornment of the body, fashion and vintage are huge driving forces in my creativity and inspiration. I am an avid thriftier, and lover and collector of all things vintage. I studied and received degrees in English, Art (photography) and Women’s Studies. As a proud feminist, and as someone who feeds off of creative energy as well as the divine feminine energy, I am thrilled to be a part of Triple Moon Goddess Retreat. I will be there to artfully document this collective of women singing and dancing, in all of our witchy nymphy glory. I aim to capture and celebrate both the female form AND the feminine spirit in nature, a backdrop most fitting.

Join me in nature, under the moon, around the fire for revelry and frolic. We are all goddesses. Let’s recreate images of lore and legend that will record the power of our commune.

Kristen Headshot

Kristen Maples, Graduate Student and LGBTQ+ Community Activist, Discussion Group Facilitator: Navigating Beauty, A Queer Perspective 

Kristen is a graduate of Edgewood College with dual bachelors degrees in Biology and Religious Studies, and is currently finishing her degree in Library and Information studies at UW-Madison. Kristen is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and participates in drag shows under her king alter ego Nicholas Rage.   While attending Edgewood, she founded the Queer Peer Mentor program and worked with other students in the LGBTQ+ organization on a successful initiative to make gender-inclusive restrooms available in every building on campus. At UW-Madison, Kristen worked with other students to reinstate the LGBTQ+ student organization at the iSchool. The group created an informational pamphlet on providing safe spaces for LGBTQ+ patrons for UW-Madison libraries. At the moment Kristen is unsure where her path will lead, but she is considering another graduate degree in the policy field or theology. In her spare time, she loves to read, hike, cook, and talk about theology. During the Triple Moon Retreat, Kristen hopes to bring the community together to see love, beauty, and respect in new ways and celebrate all human identities and experiences.

Rachel Headshot

Rachel Stetenfeld, Yoga Teacher, Morning Asana Facilitator

Rachel Stetenfeld is a passionate and committed teacher who’s followed yoga around the world like her greatest love affair. Starting her training at Yandara Institute in Mexico, she’s since explored yoga ashrams in India, California, and New York for further teaching. Her practice, which consists of philosophical study, chanting, dance, Asana, and meditation, is the foundation for her teaching, which focuses primarily on breath, intuitive movement, and encouraging students to see themselves as their own teacher. Currently working for Breathe For Change, a yoga and wellness training for educators, she leads content in philosophy and personal development. In addition to practice and teaching, she can’t emphasize enough the importance of self-embodiment and presence in our lives. At the end of the day, this is truly all that matters.

Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess, Song Leader/Writer, Community Singing Workshop Facilitator

Sarah Burgess discovered community singing in Iowa City, where she resided before moving to Madison last January.  A singer all her life, Sarah fell in love with singing in a whole new way through this style of singing together.  She loves most the connection she feels simultaneously with the song’s meaning, with herself, and with the other voices present – magic!! As she writes this now, she realizes that is always what she loves in singing, in music, art, community, creativity, nature and more, to feel a deeper connection to herself, those around her and beyond, and the natural world all around her. Community singing activates this immediately and accessibly, it is for everyone.  Sarah began leading community singing in Madison shortly after her arrival, singing with others in parks, at potlucks and around campfires; she is happy to sing anywhere and everywhere. Sarah studied vocal jazz and songwriting at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where she received her Bachelor of Music degree, and studied English at the University of Iowa, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree.  She teaches piano, voice, songwriting, and children’s music, and loves her role as a community song leader. She is also a mother who home-schools her four children in her spare time :).  Thank you!




Interested in creating a wellness space for women that is intentionally anti-racist, gender inclusive, and just inclusive overall? Join our diversity + inclusion committee.  Encouraging voices from marginalized communities to respond.  Please contact for more information. Thank you.